Download any book for free

Download any book for free

When looking for ebooks to download, most articles or posts will point you toward the usual suspects like Amazon or Project Gutenberg.

I am quite fond of Project Gutenberg (it was one of the few sites offering books digitally back in the early days of the internet. I cannot say anything bad about good old Gutenberg. But most other sites I would not even consider. Everything I have seen either has a vast collection low quality ebooks or ebooks that are not truly free.

Except one site – Library Genesis

Library Genesis has nearly every book you could ever want. New releases, textbooks, classic works. Anything. In multiple formats as well.

Navigating Library Genesis is easy once you get the hang of it. First, search for a book.

You can see most search queries will yield a massive list of files available. The next step is to click on the one you want….

Once you have clicked the desired ebook you will see where it says Title, Author(s), Series, Publisher etc…

The Title will be a clickable link. Click Title

You will then see the next page which looks like this…

At this page you click GET.

Now the ebook is yours. Literally any title.

I compare the Library Genesis to the early days of Napster – but for nerds like you and I. If you are anything like me this kind of free access will not slow your book purchasing, but rather allow you to decide which books are good or bad, perhaps fall in love with new titles you never would have discovered previously. I always find myself buying the physical copy of the books I really enjoy.

So there you have it. Free ebooks.

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